Bernoulli Filters.

Since we began in 2002 ValCo Engineering  have worked with quality suppliers & we have always supplied top quality European and US valves and inline equipment to our Irish customers. Continuing this quality commitment, we have recently added Bernoulli Filters to our product range.

Bernoulli System AB is the inventor and original manufacturer of Bernoulli Filters, self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurized systems. The unique cleaning operation based on Bernoulli’s principle ensures a reliable, robust and low-maintenance product. The filters can be used to remove debris from natural water sources such as sea water or river water.

Body materials include PVC, Stainless Steel, and GRP, with Stainless Steel or Titanium filter elements.

Bernoulli Systems supplies filter solutions within two main application segments; protection of process equipment and water treatment. Nearly a fourth of all Bernoulli Filters are installed in Power Plants followed by industrial segments HVAC, petrochemical, chemicals and fish farms in descending order.

Bernoulli filters offer you many advantages, such as…

 High operation reliability

 Low and constant pressure drop

 Low flushing pressure

 Excellent corrosion resistance

 Easy installations

We have the solution to your raw water filtration problems, and we hope to get the chance to help you solve these. We enclose a general Bernoulli presentation to illustrate the range, and we look forward to discussing it with you in the near future.  For Further information please Contact Us.

Bernoulli Filter Presentation