Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are available in concentric and eccentric designs. Low and medium pressure applications typically have elastomer linings and concentric design. For higher pressures we go to high performance butterfly valves which may be double or triple eccentric design. Bodies may be wafer pattern, to fit between flanges, lugged and tapped pattern, or double flanged in short or long patterns. Body and disc materials may be cast iron, ductile iron, carbon or stainless steel, or bronze, depending on application, and sealing systems may be simple elastomer or plastomer linings, right through to sophisticated spring-loaded designs.

In addition to isolation service, butterfly valves are well suited to flow control / modulation service in both manual and actuated mode.

Butterfly ValveButterfly valves are used on air, water, gas, and even slurry pipelines, and are very popular because they offer tight shut-off under a variety of conditions, and the quarter turn operation is fast, reliable, and easy to actuate as required. For underground pipelines we supply valves with coatings for burial, as well as extension spindles for ground level operation.


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