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Safety Devices - ValCo Engineering Ltd

The drive to improve and maintain safe working practices is ongoing in all areas of our activity. It is our ambition to ensure safety of personnel, plant & equipment, and our environment. To this end we offer a range of products, all of which work to assure safety.

Pressure Relief Valves

Spring-loaded pressure relief valves prevent overpressure of a system, (and potentially catastrophic failure), by discharging at a given “set” pressure. Available in a range of materials for low, medium and high pressures, on water, gas, and steam applications.

Tank Breather Valves

Allow safe filling and emptying of tanks, especially with volatile liquids, fuels etc.

Flame Arrestors

Quickly snuff out fire/flames in line or at end of line. Full explosion proof, or deflagration proof versions, depending on customer requirements and national and international standards.

Safety Devices - ValCo Engineering LtdQuick Closing Shut-off Valves

For burner trains using gas or liquid fuels, EU regulations specify a shut-off time for fuel supply of less than 1 second in event of fire or similar. We supply such valves from Kuehme, which can be installed in new build or retrofitted into older plants.


When sampling volatile or aggressive fluids / gases, it is often a requirement that the process is fully enclosed to prevent any possible escape of unwanted media. We supply custom made enclosures, with or without viewing windows, to your specifications.


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