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In recent years, we have experienced a large increase in the number of valves which are actuated. These tend to be mainly manual, electric or pneumatic. (We do have options with hydraulic actuators also.) This trend is likely to continue into the future, driven by economic as well as health and safety issues. We have acted to ensure that our customers may source a complete valve and actuator package from ValCo. We have in-house facilities for mounting and testing actuated valves, as well as options with our contracted suppliers.

Manual Actuators

We supply levers, gearboxes with handwheels, extension spindles with headstocks, chainwheels, for overhead locations, to suit all valve types and sizes.

Electric Actuators

ActuatorsElectric Actuators are available to operate quarter turn and multiturn valves. Output torques are matched with valve requirements, to ensure sufficient power to operate valves, yet not enough to potentially damage them. Power supply may be AC or DC, and actuators are frequently coupled with gearboxes for efficient power transfer.

Pneumatic Actuators


With compressed air now available in many plants, pneumatic actuators make a lot of sense in many circumstances. Pneumatic actuators may be for quarter turn, linear, or multiturn applications. In addition, we have the option for spring return actuators which can be set to fail in a safe manner. Even where compressed air is not available, some actuators may be driven by the medium in the pipeline (particularly gas pipelines).

Additional equipment might include feedback devices, switchboxes, positioners, solenoid valves etc, all of which can be supplied from one reliable source – ValCo Engineering Ltd.


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